Manufacturing and Supply Alliance with Tatura Milk Industries Ltd

Our Nutritional Manufacturing and Supply Alliance with Tatura Milk Industries allows us to bring high quality Australian Infant Formula of superior standards to export markets. All Infant Formula is packaged at an Australian CNCA registered world class manufacturing facility and is suitable for export.

We are proud of our working relationship with Tatura Milk Industries (fully owned subsidiary of Bega Ltd). All product is manufactured at Tatura Milk Industries fully functioning blending and canning facility, located in Derrimut, Western Melbourne.

The Derrimut site, managed and operated by Tatura Milk Industries, received CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of China) registration during July of 2014 (Establishment number. 2179).

Fundamental to Omniblend Nourish is our commitment, dedication and passion about nutritional dairy products for infants, children and adults and lifetime population health.

‘Tatura Milk Industries and Omniblend Nourish have entered into a Nutritional Powder Blending and Canning Manufacturing and Supply Alliance operated and managed by Tatura Milk Industries in which both parties have:

  • co-operated on the selection of the location and the design of the nutritional powder blending and canning manufacturing facility;
  • co-operated on the selection of the nutritional powder blending and canning equipment for the facility
  • co-operated in the development of an agreement allocating capacity to both parties’.
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