Infant formula is currently our main focus here at Omniblend Nourish, however we have access to a number of specialised manufacturing sites, all of which are fully export accredited. Our capabilities are constantly growing to meet the needs of our clients. We now produce a range of milk powders and nutritional beverages specifically for export markets. 

Infant Formula Blending and Canning (Melbourne)

A powder plant dedicated to the manufacture of retail pack infant formula. Our highly experienced team can develop infant formula products based on your market needs, adhering to the strict specifications and high quality standards of both Australia (country of manufacture) and the country of import. We produce with great care due to the delicate stage of life for which our products are intended. Our focus is on safety, quality and consistency.

Nutritional Powder Blending and Packaging (Campbellfield, Melbourne)

A specialised plant for manufacturing a range of powdered health, nutraceutical and veterinary products including high protein powders, sports nutrition products and specialty blends. We can work with a variety of packaging formats – from sachets to tubs and buckets, and are accredited to export into various international markets.

We provide our clients with:

  • Exceptional supplement manufacturing equipment with multiple capabilities
  • Relevant underlying science
  • Formulation services
  • Accreditation to manufacture for Australian companies and for export to Europe, Asia and North America

Specialised UHT Aseptic Filling into Bottles (Brooklyn, Melbourne)

Australia’s first contract manufacturer of ultra-high temperature (UHT) aseptic drinks for health and wellness industries into PET (plastic) bottles. We utilise specialised equipment, and modern aseptic filling and packaging processes to deliver a range of long life products, such as UHT milk – available in 200ml to 500ml bottles.

Our diverse range of bottled long life aseptic drinks include:

  • UHT Milk
  • Protein drinks
  • Pre and post workout drinks
  • Weight loss drinks
  • Female specific drinks
  • Isotonic and electrolyte drinks
  • Maternal supplements
  • Non carbonated energy drinks
  • Nutritional drinks to address joint relief and intestinal health
  • Infant drinks
  • Dairy drinks
  • Soy or rice drinks
  • Children’s, adults, elderly supplement drinks
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